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Address: 221 W 38th St | New York, NY 10018


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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday : Lunch: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM | Dinner: 3:30 PM – 8:45 PM

Saturday : Lunch and Dinner: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Sunday : Closed

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Serving Sicilian Pizza, Pasta, and More

Craving Sicilian pizza? Head to Lazzara's Pizza Cafe and Restaurant in New York, NY today and indulge in a slice or two of that cheesy, thin crust Sicilian pizza you crave. From avid pizza and Italian food lovers to adventurous diners and casual customers, everybody’s lining up in our Italian restaurant to sink their teeth into our signature pizza, and so should you! Our pizzas are just one of the many delectable dishes we have in store for you. Check out the feedback from our satisfied diners to learn more. These ratings and reviews from established institutions are a testament to the quality of our food and restaurant service.

Press Reviews About Our Restaurant

The Daily News

A Square Meal

By Daniel Young

"Lazzara's delivers wonderful thin Sicilian Pizza to the Fashion Industry. Including the houses of Donna Karen, Calvin Klein & Vera Wang. Originally called Heroine Pizza, the upstairs Sicilian only pizzeria was bought by Sebastian & Tony Lazzara, themselves of Sicilian origin, in 1985. Small six slices pies (that gives you four corners) feature such extras as fresh mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & sliced olives. The mozzarella is good, but the sauce is the thing."

The Daily News

Under $5

By Daniel Young

"There's a red awning on 38th Street that leads up to pizza heaven, Lazzara's, formerly the Heroine, bakes the best square pizza in Manhattan. Only Rizzo's in Astoria and Umbertos in Boston have to my knowledge, a comparable pie. This is not Sicilian as we know it, the crust is thinner and crispier – love those corners – there's only a thin layer of soft delicate Mozzarella. The best extra is the hot pepperoni, which is cut into tiny strips, giving the topping a unique and pleasing texture. To fully appreciate Lazzara’s pizza, order just one or two toppings at first before moving on to the specials. The dining area is also unusual itself. It’s a quiet, old-fashioned room, seating about 70, with a high stamped tin ceiling and lightly stenciled walls. This is a no-nonsense joint. 212 W. 38th St., near Seventh Avenue, (212) 944-7792-3-4. Open M – F 11 to 4 p.m. Two slice, one beverage minimum per person. Free delivery in area."

AM New York

We Need a Hero

Dining Out

Published on Thursday, July 31st 2008

“If the Garment District seems like a culinary wasteland, tromp to this second-floor lunch refuge. While the thin-crust pizzas are righteous, the jaw strecthing heroes are so fabulously sloppy they'll stain even the most cautious diner's shirt. Though the chicken and eggplant parmigianas have their fans, the meatball is the all-star. One heaping sandwich can tie you over for lunch and dinner.”

The New York Times

With Great Pleasure

By Ruth Reichl

“I announce the discovery of another good pizza. I'm talking about the kind of pizza you call out for, the kind that comes with a choice of toppings, the kind that taste so good you want a second piece of. But when you get up for seconds the whole things been eaten up. And that's what you get at Lazzara’s on West 38th Street. They make a small square pizza on a crisp terrific crust. And I am talking only from take-out experience. If the pizza was good after walking 5 blocks in a cardboard box in the cold, it must be great eaten on the premises."

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Too busy at work to grab a quick lunch at Lazzara's Pizza Cafe and Restaurant? Have your orders delivered instead! Our Italian restaurant offers fast and reliable delivery services for free so that you can enjoy your favorite Sicilian pizza, pasta, or any Italian food in the comfort of your home or office at no additional cost. Call us today to place your orders! You may also reach us via email for inquiries or concerns.

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